Sublime Skylounge is a relaxing Bandung Bar or Bandung lounge from Gino Feruci Braga Bandung Hotel perfect for all of your relaxing and escapist needs. Additionally, for all of your fun Bandung events, the Palazzi Party Venue from Gino Feruci Braga Bandung Hotel is also a fantastic place to choose!
In the Sublime Skylounge of Gino Feruci Hotel Braga Bandung, relaxing enjoyable moments are to be enjoyed! Not only you can savor great food with live music, you can also enjoy Bandung landscape from the rooftop of Gino Feruci Braga Bandung Hotel. Palazzi Party Venue is a perfect venue for your Bandung events such as weddings, birthday parties, available in indoor or outdoor facilities. Whether to relax or to hold events, trust all of them to Gino Feruci Braga Bandung Hotel!


Looking for a great party venue to get wild and let loose? The Palazzi is an excellent place for you! Featuring great ambience mixed together with modern facilities and awesome food/beverage that anyone can enjoy, partying in the Palazzi is the perfect way to cure your boredom and to enjoy a blazing good time!
Featuring a very spacious 870 sqm venue that spreads through both indoor and outdoor area for greater flexibility of a blazingly fun party, plus a great view to beautiful gardens and Bandung landscape, as well as easy access to swimming pool area, the Palazzi is a great place for everyone to enjoy a good time partying with friends and colleagues.


One of a kind in Bandung Sublime Party Venue promises a truly different hang-out and relaxing venue unlike any other. Located at the 17th floor of Gino Feruci Hotel Braga Bandung, you can enjoy a great venue to hold your events such as birthday parties, private gatherings, or even meetings accompanied by the amazing sky-view landscape of Bandung. You can also reserve Sublime Party Venue for a very special wedding!