Braga Culinary Night

Situated right at the center of Braga, Gino Feruci Braga Hotel serves as the perfect base for your visit to BRAGA CULINARY NIGHT, a new fantastic event held on Braga once every two weeks on Saturday beginning on around 7 P.M. onwards. A relatively new event that began its life on January 11th, 2014, Braga Culinary Night is designed to showcase the richness of Bandung’s culinary heritage and collection to all that visit the city.
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Gino Feruci Participates in KAGUM Time!

KAGUM TIME is a yearly fun event designed to introduce and promote various KAGUM Hotels properties to clients, and to maintain good standing relationships of KAGUM Hotels with various partners (such as Travel Agents) that have supported our business. The usual agenda is to entertain our guests, showcasing various KAGUM Hotels' properties to them, and to have a good time with people very important to the overall business of our company.
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