meetings rooms & ballroom

Are you looking for a Cianjur Hotel that can serve all of your Cianjur events with fantastic great value offers? Seek no further than the Hotel Meeting and Hotel Ballroom services available from Gino Feruci Cianjur Hotel, a great Cianjur Hotel to accommodate your event and meeting needs.
Gino Feruci Hotel Cianjur features a collection of 5 meeting rooms and a modern ballroom, all expertly designed to provide a preferred meeting experience and services in Cianjur. Attractive rates, modern facilities, and professional support staff all combine to give you the best value meeting offers in the city.
Venue Dimension Capacity (Pax)
Standing Theater Class Room U-Shape Round Table BoardRoom
Ballroom 31.2x15 m² 780 669 334/td> 312/td> 138 156
Meeting Room 1 7.7 x 6 77 66 33 31 14 15
Meeting Room 2 13.5 x 6 135 116 58 54 24 27
Meeting Room 3 9.8 x 5.9 96 83 41 39 17 19
Meeting Room 4 9.8 x 5.9 131 112 56 52 23 26
Combined 2 and 3 23.3 x 11.9 462 396 198 185 82 92
Combined 3 and 4 19.6x13.9 454 389 195 182 80 91
Combine 2,3 and 4 33.1x19.9 1098 941 470 439 194 220


Cianjur Meeting packages offered by Gino Feruci Cianjur really exemplifies and redefines the true meaning behind quality meeting in Cianjur services. Featuring attractive benefits with affordable rates, the meeting packages of Gino Feruci Cianjur are truly a smart investment for you to make.
The Cianjur meeting packages available in Gino Feruci Cianjur are specifically engineered to give you the best meeting in Bandung experience possible. Combining slick, professional-looking meeting rooms with full support from the capable staff of Gino Feruci Cianjur , our meeting packages without a doubt are excellent match for business professionals looking for the utmost satisfaction in their Cianjur meeting services. Join Gino Feruci Cianjur for a great Cianjur meeting experience.
Rp. 450.000 nett/pax/nite Rp. 200.000 nett/pax/nite
1x Coffee Break, 1 Lunch/Dinner, Room 1x Coffee Break, 1 Lunch/Dinner
Rp. 520.000 nett/pax/nite Rp. 250.000 nett/pax/nite
2x Coffee Break, 1 Lunch/Dinner, Room 2x Coffee Break, 1 Lunch/Dinner
Rp. 585.000 nett/pax/nite Rp. 350.000 nett/pax/nite
2x Coffee Break, 1x Lunch, 1x Dinner, Room 2x Coffee Break, 1x Lunch, 1x Dinner


If you are looking to hold a Cianjur Convention or Events, then the Cianjur Hotel Ballroom of Gino Feruci Cianjur is a perfect option for you with all of its first-class facilities and services. With elegance and professionalism in all aspects, this is truly the Cianjur Ballroom of your choice.
The Cianjur Hotel Ballroom of Gino Feruci Cianjur is a great example of a seamless combination between functionality, exclusivity, and style, making it an excellent match for your Cianjur conventions, events, conferences, and even private celebrations such as weddings. Every user of our exclusive Cianjur hotel ballroom is also entitled to get the full support from our capable and professional staff, ensuring you the convenience in experiencing and using our Cianjur hotel ballroom services.